Production Services

When it comes to production services, partnering with the right company can be the difference between a lackluster event and a runaway success.

At Neon Pineapple, we believe that the key to accomplishing amazing things is getting the right people working as a team.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to forging relationships in the industry that enable us to solve a wide variety of technical challenges in Las Vegas and around the world.

Core Services



From large-scale arrays to more intimate breakout setups, the right audio system enhances your event every step of the way.



Whether you’re using multi-camera IMAG, computer content, or video playback, your message will be presented carefully on screens and projections of any size.


With both functional and artistic applications, our lighting designs add style and sophistication to any location.


Ground-supported and flown structures are designed by expert riggers and executed with exacting precision.


Elevated stages and stadium seating are powerful tools to transform any space into a more theatrical environment.


Drapery up to 22 feet tall in various finishes, elegant wall panels with designs to suit your needs, and custom fabrication for a perfect fit.

Specialty Services

Advanced services that are tightly integrated with your audio-visual.

  • QLab Programming
  • Motion Graphics
  • Projection Mapping
  • Temporary Internet and IT

Touring Services

Going out on the road can be a daunting task. Insuring that your production goes off smoothly in a variety of venues across the globe requires considerable planning and technical skill.

Neon Pineapple has had the opportunity to hone touring production management on talents ranging from world-class acrobats to worldwide celebrities.

Get in touch today to let our expertise make your next touring event a success.

QLab Programming

 With its incredible power and intuitive interface, its no wonder that QLab by Figure 53 is the choice of shows of every size and scope.

Having experienced hands programming your QLab deck and operating your QLab playback system can be the difference between good and great.

Find out what’s possible with a fast, no-obligation consultation.